Wednesday, January 21, 2009

Work Forward Video

Chorus Line

These are our Third Degree patches.  We used a bunch of them on Dickie's messenger bags we made up for all of our team members one year.  Those bags went like hot cakes.  We don't have a single one left.  But we do have a lot of patches left over.


And this guy here, he just made the cut.  He stars in the intro to the Third Degree video we created.  This intro, complete with brand-inspired diner background noise, is going to be the opening mainstay of any Third Degree "homemade" video we create for ourselves from now on. 


These were some of our little props that we used to take the place of real people.  Because when I say homemade, I mean designers (Brett) standing in as camera men and sound guys, art directors as voice-over talent (Daniel), and creative directors helping slide props in and out of scenes in time to the script (that would be me, Tara). 

My point being, when we do this for our clients, we usually employ some... oh, let's say actors, a crew, an animator.  But, we kind of like our quirky DYI on a shoe-string creation. 


This first video is about Third Degree's social media marketing process.  We have this cool chart that outlines the whole thing, but no matter how you lay it out, any comprehensive process can be a tad overwhelming at first glance.  We wanted to create a video to bring it to life a little. 

Rock Stars

So that's Work Forward.  What's our next Third Degree video going to be about?  Not salsa chugging.  Sorry. It's going to be another glimpse into our social media approach.  And, it's going to have Roy in it, too!  So be on the lookout for another appearance of the Third Degree patch with the sizzling sounds of "serving it up" in the background .


Jeffry Pilcher said...

Nice job with the video. The announcer's voice (in-house?) was perfect.

Third Degree Creative said...

Thanks Jeffry! It's Daniel Solis, art director slash digital strategist here at Third Degree. His rock star analogy was the concept behind the video, so it was only fitting he do the voice (and sound effects).

We've also made him stand in as on-screen talent in the past for a video for our TFCU client, called Buck The Norm:

Once you see him, it makes it even funnier to imagine him making electric guitar sound effects.