Wednesday, January 14, 2009

Draw Club


First rule of Draw Club is you don't talk about Draw Club.

Second rule of Draw Club? You don't talk about Draw Club.

Draw Club Spy

Okay, but I had to sneak up on Daniel and Brett yesterday as they communed over their favorite lunchtime activity (besides scrounging for free leftovers in the agency fridge, or schlepping to the China Chef buffet)... Draw Club.

I also love that it's unabashedly called Draw Club, so I like to say it a lot.

Draw Club Challenge

Draw Club, I have learned, is where you have a single theme, and each participant has about thirty minutes to sketch their own interpretation of that theme.  Draw Club creators, Daniel and Brett, have been doing this about two times a week for the past year. They've pretty much kept Draw Club on the down-low because it's lame.  

And when I say lame, I mean awesome (because I'm jealous and want to be in Draw Club, too).

Draw Club High

This is a side-by-side of the same theme.  Daniel's sketch on the left, Brett's on the right.  This theme was to do a page from a high school yearbook.  They got the idea from a similar concept they saw on Flickr.

Draw Club Boys

As I was taking these pictures, and asked them to show me another of their earlier themes, they showed me the Monkey King.  An Asian-inspired folklore figure who's interpretation has three requirements: he must be drawn with a staff, a crown, and be floating on clouds.

This was at the same moment Kathleen walked up and decided to pick on Draw Club (because she's jealous, too), and say that they draw like boys.

Draw Club Girls

So we girled it up for them.  Or, at least I did.  My girl-ified Monkey King is on the left. Kathleen's has a more garage band poster extraterrestrial vibe going on over on the right, and the demonstration drew a little bit of boisterous lunch crowd commentary from lookers-on.

Draw Club Jamie

On days when they're not being harrassed, Daniel and Brett are usually the only participants of Draw Club.  But there have been other Third Degree-ers who have happened by before, only to find themselves thirty minutes later with a sketch of their own.  And they're not always from the creative department.  Jamie our project manager has been known to sit in on Draw Club.   

It shouldn't be a surprise, because she's also been known to doodle peppy little illustrations on our project job jackets (above) before distributing them through the workflow.  

She doesn't talk about it though.  Jamie knows the rules of Draw Club.

Draw Club For Men

So when the colored pencil dust has settled and all the hype of Draw Club calms down, (like, after today) I think Brett and Daniel will be glad when we have all scrammed, going back to chatting over our Lean Cuisines and brown bag lunches, so they can go back to their manly endeavors without being bothered.  


lfab said...

I am Jack's raging jealousy!


mario said...

What a fantastic idea!

Is there a draw club in my neighborhood or do i have to come to the dilapidated third degree building and stand on the porch for 3 days before you'll let me join?!

Third Degree Creative said...

Okay, so obviously the Fight Club reference resonates with a lot of people. No, Liz does not have rage (kind of). No, Third Degree isn't in a dilapidated building (kind of), so if you are unaware of what the heck we're talking about go here:

If you'd like to see a photo of the purple chenille coffee cup robe I wear every day (exactly like Brad Pitt's in the movie), click here:

– Tara