Thursday, January 29, 2009

Dining & Dancing With Daddy

For the past few years we've designed the invitation and collaterals for the annual Dining & Dancing With Daddy event, held by The Oklahoma Gladney Family Association of the Gladney Center for Adoption.  This is a really neat black tie dinner where dads and daughters (and some sons with cute little tuxes, too) have a fancy night out with other families like theirs, brought together by Gladney.

Birds of a Feather

The first year we designed the materials, Kathleen art directed, and not only did we find out how fun it was to design these neat little invitations, but we also won a gold Addy award and a silver District Addy award for a not-for-profit invitation.


The next year we did a more embellished invitation in royal purples and metallic golds.  Liz designed this place setting style theme.


I love all the little details that make it seem even more special.

Pretty In Pink

This years invitation, also designed by Liz, is printed on cross-hatched textured paper, layered with watercolor-inspired textures and powder-puff dandelion graphics.


Dining and Dancing with Daddy 2009 is this weekend, Saturday, January 31st.  And I know two people who will definitely be in attendance...

Steppin' Out... With My Baby

Mickie, Third Degree's executive vice president, with her son Jackson (remember the cute little tuxes reference?)  Mickie and her husband have been involved on the Gladney Family Association and are past presidents of the central oklahoma group.

I personally think Mickie should wear a feather boa to work every day.  She had Jackson up here yesterday because the schools were STILL closed because of the ice.  But we have plenty of crayons, computer games and weird desk toys to keep any 4-and-a-half-year-old entertained for at least... well... twelve minutes (I mean, he only ran into the meeting room once during a conference call.)  Have fun being the beau of the ball this weekend, Jackson!

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