Tuesday, January 6, 2009

Hastings & The Ham

We've kind of really gotten into this style of video where you shoot lots of still photography in particular sequence (like dancing), that when animated together creates a really cool moving picture. This is an approach we first tried with our Think It Up Addy video, and then liked it so much we used it for TFCU's Buck The Norm video.

Freeze Frames photography by Simon Hurst

Most recently we've applied this approach to the new TV spot for Hastings, a nationwide entertainment retailer. They really wanted to have a TV spot shot inside their actual store to show off the newly redesigned look of their stores as well as all their stuff: books, movies, games and music. We didn't want to shoot a ho-hum video commercial, so we decided this photo-animated approach would have an edgier look and appeal.

Hastings :30 Sec "More" TV

Then we added lots of graphics and typography and effects, storyboarded out a sequence, and through music and animation brought it all to life.

Art Director-Slash-Stylist

Kathleen produced and art directed the Hastings TV spot. And, as always, she also brought along a lot of her clothes to help supplement the wardrobe, which we ended up using for both of our actresses pictured here.

Headphones Make The Look

Hmmm, does that super-fly head gear look familiar? Hey, if you're trying to achieve a particular look and feel with props and wardrobe, sometimes it's just quicker to bring your own stuff than to go shopping.

Honey Ham

So you know how I said that it's hard to keep Kathleen away from the camera? I actually think this Hastings shoot, surprisingly enough, was one of the first times she forgot to jump in front of the lens. But as you can see by this collection of thumbnails she's had plenty of practice getting Simon and David (our two favorite photographers) to let her ham it up on the set.

Making The Pass

This is the shot that started it all. That's Byron Scott, coach of the NBA Hornets, when his team temporarily called OKC home during post-Katrina, before returning to New Orleans. Third Degree did a Cox Digital Cable commercial in the locker room with Coach Scott, and as Kathleen handed him his prop (a TV remote control), she couldn't help but strike a pose. Simon, of course, played accomplice and was ready to snap her sneaky play.


Hallie said...

The Hastings spot is great, good job guys! I am upset that Kathleen's David/TFCU testimonials photo inside the teeny tiny break room didn't make the montage.

Jeremy and Kathleen said...

Hallie - the shots in the middle left (with the yellow plaid jacket) are from the TFCU closet shoot!