Thursday, January 8, 2009

Addy Entry Time

Today is the deadline to submit our work from the previous year in the Addy competition.


That means lots of people around here scrambling to gather samples, print out artwork and burn CDs and DVDs. Plus a ton of entry forms to fill out, cut, sort, and affix properly (there are a lot of rules in this arena). The fun part comes later in February at the Addy Gala where they announce and show off the winning entries.


So this is the not-so-fun part of the Addy awards. We've got to beat the clock (deadline is at 6:00 pm) so we can load up a cardboard box full of our entries in the back of someone's car so they rush it to Addy entry headquarters by 6:00 p.m.

For good luck we often will either wave like the pope over the box, or kiss the box as it goes out the door, or sometimes we have Roy rub his booty on the box. We usually don't kiss it after that.

We're going gold medals come gala time. (But after a few bottles of complimentary wine at the tables, we'll shout ourselves hoarse just as loudly for the bronze). Speaking of shouting and general over-enthusiasm, last year was an eventful Addy awards evening. We had fun to say the least.

Here are a few of our winning entries from the 2008 awards.


Phillip art directed this exterior signage for Red Pin a bowling alley concept restaurant and bar that's one of our neighbors here in Bricktown. It won an Addy gold for site exterior. This year we don't have a site exterior entry, but we have a site interior entry for the Buck The Norm oversized mall banners that went up all over Penn Square Mall at Christmas shopping time, thanks to some awesome media planning and placement by Holly and Kriste.


This in-branch standee for a Liberty Loan campaign won a gold Addy in the point of purchase free standing category last year. It was art directed by Kathleen and was for a fun constitutional-inspired promotion for Delta Community Credit Union. This particular standee of Patrick Henry resides by my desk and serves to block the intense 4 o' clock sun that blinds me through my window at the end of the day. He's my boyfriend.


Patrick was also accompanied by a series of standees including Harriett Tubman, Abe Lincoln and that cherry-tree-chopper, George Washington. This year we're entering some HD TV football-themed standees we did for Pioneer in this same category.


We always do well in at least one of the self-promotion categories. Our Third Degree brand book won us a gold last year. We've started doing brand books for lots of our clients since then.

Some self-promotional stuff we're entering this year includes our Christmas Card (those always medal for us), some of our direct mailers sent out to credit unions and, of course, our agency on-hold messages.

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Speaking of on hold messages. The on hold message we submitted last year for Funds For Learning, not only won us the gold, but won us the coveted Jef Fontana Humor Award. I think it was our third or fourth agency win of the shiny, blingy star-shaped trophy, and like our second or third win for Brian!! We like our funny.


And this is kind of meta. The campaign we actually created for the previous year Addy's won a special judges award at last years Addy's, which was cool.

Here's the video that was at the center of that campaign, which I created with the help of Simon Hurst's photography and Kathleen's photo direction assistance, Phillip's graphic assistance, Lucky Dog audio, and Digital DK's awesome animation.

Our hopes for a video win this year? Buck The Norm, baby!!! But we'll see. You just never know. The only certain thing about the Addy's are they're gonna be long, and there's gonna be some serious trading going on for unused extra drink tickets from our designated driver spouses.


Hallie said...

I call Felina's drink tickets!

The Rose said...

Good Luck! Im sure you guys will win... a... bunch.

You're like the Michael Phelps of Ad agencies, only better looking!