Thursday, December 11, 2008

Would You Drink a Jar of Salsa for $100?

What says Christmas at Third Degree Advertising like our personalized stockings?


Like our shining faces hung on the tree with festive holes punched in our foreheads?


Like salsa chugging?!!

Every year Third Degree sends out chips and salsa to our friends. This year, we're sharing the heat inside the agency as CEO and founder (a.k.a. "king") Roy challenged project manager and firecracker of a gal, Jamie, to chug a jar of our homemade salsa in five minutes for $100.

Third Degree Salsa Challenge

If you are a friend of Third Degree, you might be getting your own jar in the coming week. Which poses the question. Would you chug a jar of salsa for $100?*

*Prize only applies to the chugging of Third Degree distributed salsa to pre-selected recipients. Actual chugging must be completed within five minutes and documented on video or with digital photography backed up by reputable witnesses. Other restrictions may apply. Hey, that's advertising, baby!

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