Tuesday, January 13, 2009

Meet Brian


Okay, so everyone knows Brian, a.k.a. Associate Creative Director, but I think it's neat to see what creative stuff our creatives do when they're not on the clock.

I myself like to get creative about how many ways I can trick my four year old into liking the same TV shows as me so I can make quality time equal veg-out time, but many people on our team actually do DO extracurricular creative stuff that's pretty cool (in addition to getting their young children to like the same things they like... yeah, I've seen your five-year-old's room Brian, and he isn't exactly the demographic for Futurama).

Brian's a Bastard

Talk about extracurricular.  This past year Brian teamed up to write an original comic with illustrator Dave Curd, and together they spawned a new take on post-apocalyptic mayhem: Bastard Road.  

Brian's Popular

Bastard Road was published in the latest issue of a nationally distributed comic book compilation, Pop Gun Vol. 2 .  Like any self respecting post-apocalyptic tale, Road's pretty gruesome and a little off-color to say the least, but if you can't help yourself, you can view every off-color page at the Pop Gun site.  If you want more Bastard Road, they're getting another installation published in late March in the upcoming Pop Gun Vol 3. that you can learn about on Brian and Dave's blog.

Brian Makes Time for The Food Pyramid

Brian has other screenplay and comic-inspired concepts up his sleeve and in the works, (some even blood and guts-free I hear... darn). So in between his break-of-dawn spinning class and his daily ritual of preparing an unchanging meticulous multi-tupperwared freakishly healthy lunch of carrot sticks, celery chunks, grapefruit wedges, pretzel sticks and a turkey sandwich on whole wheat (must be brain food), he's obviously got enough creative on the mind to spill over past the 9 to 5.  

Brian Earns a Paycheck

All that's well and good for Third Degree, too.  Who'd think you'd have the chance to do a comic for a legitimate agency project?  We did.  It's why Brian created Bucky and Knuckles, an ongoing web comic for our client Tinker Federal Credit Union's Gen Y targeted web site, BuckTheNorm.com.

Brian is Live!

Brian's also really good about participating.  He's done guest-gigs at Oklahoma Christian teaching advertising class to college students, and he's involved in Ad Club.  In fact, he's the guest speaker at this Thursday's AdTwo OKC evening gathering.  He'll be talking about his experiences in the advertising industry, and I'm sure there will at least be a few off-color comments in there – ones worthy of Bastard Road? You'll have to attend to hear for yourself.

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