Friday, February 27, 2009

Heart To Heart

Last week was our annual agency planning day. We talk about the year in review, and our goals for the upcoming year.  We reviewed financials, set goals, recognized our peers, and brainstormed ideas for new initiatives. 


And then we did crafts.

Cutting Room

This year we held our all-staff, all-day retreat at the Oklahoma City Museum of Art.  So it was only fitting that we all, and I mean all, from accounting to the front desk, break out our inner creative... and the pipecleaners.

Crafting Circle

The surprise activity was to take a posterboard heart and with the supplies provided (construction paper, magazines, tissue paper, pom poms and googly eyes), illustrate your passion, and how you can bring that into the work you do at Third Degree.  

Love It, Love It...

We jump-started the activity Project Runway-slash-Top Chef style.  Everyone had 45 minutes to figure out what they wanted to do and craft it into a heart that they would then present to the group.  Some were more reflective and evenly paced in their approach.  Others freakin' dove in with the scissors and glue sticks flying.  We kind of made a mess.


Roy gathering inspiration from above (and sneaking peeks at what everyone else was doing.)

True Colors

When time was up, there was a lot of laughter, and surprisingly tears when we all took turns presenting our passion to the group.  Like how Hallie loves HTML code, or how Felina loves event planning, (okay, that wasn't the tears part exactly), Brian loves words, Lynn loves the spirit of the team, Mickie loves being the listener, and how Roy loves.... fly fishing?

The Heart with a Hook

Actually, Roy's fly fishing analogy made it into an article he wrote for our credit union resource site, a little while back.  And we weren't sure about his heart when we saw him working on it in profile, with these weird purple points sticking up.  But when he held it up to reveal his creation it was the coolest little "a river runs through it" diorama scene, with a snowcapped mountains, and a stream, and poms for the fish and even a little rod casting a strike.  I was very proud.

Making a Scene

Now the hearts are displayed on the hall by our Third Degree bathrooms.  It's just the only wall that's big enough to hold all of our passions.  Which, I guess is fitting for a bathroom wall.  It's almost as good as people's phone numbers.

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