Tuesday, February 24, 2009

Freaky Festive Friday

Last Friday was a fun one. It was Jentry's 30th birthday, so her desk was done up in black balloons and streamers.  


Obviously a surprise to her or she probably would have straightened up her desk. But that's what happens when you turn thirty, the details just start slipping.

Tough Guys

The other surprise?  Everyone at Third Degree came wearing black to work that day.  Pretty unusual for this colorful bunch.  We felt tough (and slim).  Someone started telling a story about an agency where everyone was required to wear black every day.  We need to think of something really ridiculous to make everyone wear every day, like plaid.

Tough Guys Throw a Shower

We also threw a wedding shower for Amanda that afternoon.  Which was funny because.. you know.. the black... Anyway, the food (as always) was very colorful instead, so I had to show at least a few pics.

Q & A

The media gals came up with a really fun idea that Liz helped design.  It was a nifty book that asked a question of Amanda, like "What physical feature does Andy like the most about you?" She would guess, then the next page would have a picture of Andy with his answer, like "her blue eyes." We think Andy kept it clean, but regardless, it was a big hit.  Roy immediately wanted to craft it into a deliverable for gleaning internal insights when conducting discovery sessions with clients.   We groaned and rolled our eyes, but honest to god, it will probably become just that.  No talent or idea goes wasted around here folks, let me tell you!

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