Tuesday, February 10, 2009

Meet The Interns

So our new batch of spring semester interns have arrived. They come complete with rosy cheeks, chirpy voices and cheerful dispositions, or at least our creative intern, Jessica, does. She joins Matt the media intern and Rhia the account service intern.

Hello, My Name Is

We actually have four members of our creative department that started out as interns once upon a time. Their cheeks aren't so rosy anymore – that's what makeup, caffein, and photoshop are for. But, they can still somewhat relate. Liz, our worldly-wise designer (if you can be worldly-wise at age 24) interviewed our interns so we could all get to know them a little better.

Jessica: The Creative Intern
University of Oklahoma
Visual Communications Major

Liz: What is your favorite color?

Jessica: Can't choose, because she feels bad for all the colors she's not choosing. (See, we told you she was chirpy).

Liz: Would you rather have a boss that sweats profusely or foams at the mouth?

Jessica: Sweats profusely, because she is afraid of being spit on.

Liz: Which of the Third Degree brand attributes would you rather be: Fresh, Hot, Friendly or Right?

Jessica: Friendly. Definitely. Absolutely. (See, chirpy, see?)

Matt: The Media Intern
University of Oklahoma
Advertising Major

Liz: Do you think you are better than most people?

Matt: A resounding true

Liz: Who would you rather have as parents: Bill Cosby and Tina Turner, Boy George and Michael Jackson, or Willie Nelson and Connie Chung?

Matt: Bill Cosby and Tina Turner

Liz: Fresh, Hot, Friendly or Right?

Matt: A combination of Fresh and Hot, which Liz and Matt decided we would call Frot or Hosh.

Rhia: The Account Service Intern
University of Central Oklahoma
Advertising Major

Liz: Do you prefer walking in the rain or driving in the snow?

Rhia: Walking in the rain because it's actually quite pleasant

Liz: How would you rather die: by having your body implode in the vacuum of space, by drowning in the frigid waters of the northern Atlantic, or by being burned at the stake?

Rhia: The space one – because it's instant. (Maybe also because she loves sci-fi movies more than Joan of Arc or Titanic?)

Liz: Fresh, Hot, Friendly or Right?

Rhia: Fresh and Friendly. Freshly? Friensh? (Come on people, this must be a Gen Y thing to just create your own word to avoid being labeled.)

All Grown Up

My favorite thing about these interviews, was that I just asked Liz to get some snapshots for me of the interns, and just find out a few tidbits about them. Then she came back with this hysterical list of bizarre questions, and these few I've shared here were just the tip of the iceberg. Liz, you're brilliant, and that totally makes up for me having to photoshop in your quickly fading rosy cheeks.

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The Rose said...

WOW! What a sharp bunch. Be careful guys, Liz bites! ;-)