Friday, February 20, 2009

After the Addys

So we've started getting congrats (and gourmet cupcakes) coming our way from well wishers on our Addy wins.

Let Us Eat Cake

These are from Sara Sara a new local cupcake shop that is getting a lot of buzz.  These were swarmed the minute they came in the door.  Kristin and David McNeese brought them by. David did all the great photography for Buck The Norm.

Roy Gets Creative

These ridiculously splashy but no less fabulous flowers came from Shannon and the gals at Cox Media. Roy decided to spontaneously fashion a makeshift Addy shrine around the flowers, sort of MacGyver meets Martha Stewart.  The giant-headed Roy to the right is the cardboard cutout we made of Roy to act as is stand-in the time he couldn't come to the Addy's a couple years ago. It's never the same without you, Roy!

Speech Time

Roy had us all come up on stage for the Best Of Show award at the end of the evening.  It was so much fun.  Kriste our media buyer said to the person next to her "I feel like the cast of Grey's Anatomy."  

Party People

Okay so here's our "party pics."  We get so huggy when there's complimentary bottles of wine the Third Degree tables (... and other people's tables when they're not looking).


Speaking of when people aren't looking.  This is the Addy revolution-themed directional sign that Hallie swiped as a souvenir at the end of the night.  Hallie also wore an Addy medal around her neck as she danced barefooted through the entire afterparty.  She deserved to celebrate. Hallie was one of the main drivers of the Buck The Norm campaign.

Kudos, Too

Our partner in developing the Buck The Norm site, Trabian, was also excited about the win. They posted about it on their credit union blog site, Open Source CU.  Thanks guys, now you just need to get someone to send you gourmet cupcakes.

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Hallie said...

Best night ever! My two dance moves were stellar.