Tuesday, April 21, 2009

It's Bizness Time (With Brian)

So this is my Tara's-eye view if I peek around the corner of my computer screen.


Yesterday my inbox was under control, my plant was watered, and our associate creative director, Brian, had just received his copy of OKC Biz where he is featured on their "Day In The Life" page. You can read it online at OKCBiz.com, too.

(That's not really our intern. That's our designer Brett using the intern computer. He's not chirpy enough to be our intern. He's generally chipper, but not chirpy.)


Okay, so back to Brian. If you look closer from my little spy eye, you can see the remnants of his highly organized, tupperware prioritized daily lunch.


The article follows him from wake up time (5:30 am) to bedtime (12:30 am), and all the things he does in between, from racing against copywriting deadlines to catching up on his Tivo programs. Okay, seriously Brian, I could not survive on the amount of sleep you get. Five hours is like a nice Sunday afternoon nap, not an acceptable evening slumber.


Maybe it's all the sugar substitutes that keeps him going. Or maybe it's just a genuine enthusiasm for a day filled with all things creative.


Jeremy and Kathleen said...

And Brian sorts out the recycling at the end of his day. That's not part of it but it's still very important.

Third Degree Creative said...

Flight of the Concords song lyric reference (like the post title) but also strangely appropriate for the Day In The life feature. Kudos Kathleen.