Wednesday, April 29, 2009

Buck The Norman Music Fest

So it's no secret we love the Buck The Norm program we developed with TFCU. You know, the one that reaches out to a younger generation of potential credit union members with a message of financial empowerment? But after the awards and the parades and the video contest and all the hoopla of the initial launch, the gang at Tinker Federal Credit Union are stickin' with it and still taking it to the streets.


The Norman Music Festival is where the TFCU mobile camped out this weekend. The ATM mobile is fully wrapped with TFCU brand messaging, and can be found on any given weekend at various events around the metro. For this live music, college town crowd they slapped Buck The Norm logos all over that thing. It works in a pinch. Actually, it looks sort of irreverant and spontaneous which is in keeping with the Buck The Norm concept. Could there possibly be a Buck The Norm-themed wrapped vehicle in the future? Maybe. But if not, they'll keep making the most of what they've got in true credit union spirit.


They actually did a really fantastic job creating a little oasis from the heat, creating a funky patio vibe with colored paper lanterns, cool lawn chairs and a mod shag rug.


Some of our Third Degree team stopped by to lounge a little – and to point out their personal cameos in the Buck The Norm video that was running throughout the day.


But the ones who were hard at work were the team from TFCU. Last year they were serving shrimp kabobs at the Arts Fest, but this week, with their aluminum "buck its" in hand, they passed out bracelets embossed with the Buck The Norm url to the crowd of nearly 25,000 attendees.

The business development reps at TFCU are a great example of how to commit to the life and success of a social media-driven Gen Y initiative like Buck The Norm. The outreach must be ongoing, and it must happen at all levels, so whether it's weekly online correspondence or out-in-the-crowd face time, it takes real people to make it happen.

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Jeremy and Kathleen said...

You wouldn't believe the dedication those Buck the Normers have to the job. They wouldn't even accept Jager Bombs or shots of Tequila from us bad influences - all to stay sharp for the mission that is financially empowering hipsters at NMF.