Thursday, April 23, 2009

Arts Festival Outing

The Arts Festival is held right in the heart of downtown OKC and is only walking distance from Third Degree, which is nice. It's just one more reason I really love working right in the middle of everything, even if our warehouse loft-style agency space has no air conditioning this week (but more on the hotness later.)

So anyway, this week is Arts Festival time (properly named "Festival Of The Arts"). Kind of the same thing, huh? Ahhh, marketing.


Speaking of marketing, I invited Nancy, marketing director at TFCU to come with me. I sent her an email that said:


Wanna' go to the Arts Festival with me and walk around and do lunch?
If I had little check-boxes in this email, which Hallie would know how to do HTML code for, but I do not, they would say:

1. [ box ] you are pretty, and yes


2. [ box ] you are stinky, and no



This is the email attachment she promptly sent back. I love how she actually crumpled up the paper before she scanned it. Way to work in the texture, Nancy.


First order of business. Getting the food. Check out the long lines. This was the first really warm spring day in Oklahoma City which was almost a record breaker at 94 degrees. Sheesh. Check out Nancy bringing water to my Beef Empanada's and Sweet Potato Fries line (which was like four times as long as her Grilled Chicken and Bacon Sandwhich line.)


Look! Some of Nancy's coworkers. Darius, Barbie and Lauren from TFCU, were working the Shrimp Kabob food tent with their Buck The Norm t-shirts! Yay, grass roots credit union marketing. They know how to do it, that's for sure. Now get me a shrimp kabob, Darius!

That's Darius on the left, who has never met a stranger in his life, and is the most popular credit union business development rep I've ever met. Darius can do anything.. fix an ATM on a mobile trailer, fix a award-winning bowl of chili at a fundraiser, fix a poster frame that's falling off a branch wall, and always, always with a smile fixed on his face. Honestly, Darius could be a whole other post. Heck, Darius could a whole other blog.


Second order of business. Check out some art. In 94 degrees, that means going "oh, that's nice, uh... let's go." I know I'm a creative director, and an artsy type, but, yeah... I can only sweat so much for the cause. Nancy, however, had a nice chat with the artist at this particular booth on the left. She's so nice.


So we found some shade and some Strawberries Newport. I can be nice, too, if I'm eating whip cream, vanilla pudding, pastry and strawberries. Now that's a work of art.

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