Thursday, May 7, 2009

The Snorts Visit The OKC

The who visits the wha? The 'Snorts is a small group of about a dozen non-competing advertising agency founders from all over the country that meet a few times a year to compare notes, discuss challenges and debate and deliberate on just about everything from tracking financials to cultivating agency culture.

Third Degree's founder, Roy, is a Snort. And yes, that name is weird. It's actually short for Bucksnorts. Which isn't any better, but at least eliminates the allusion to a certain advertising agency extra-curricular cliché from the eighties. But it does make it sound like they wear orange puffy hunting vests, or wear little tassled fez hats and ride around on mini scooters in small town parades. They do neither. Apparently the name has a enigmatic mystery-shrouded history, so we'll just leave it at that.


The Snorts come from agencies from Alaska to Ohio, but this week, they descended upon Third Degree's home turf, Oklahoma City (hence, "The OKC"... you know, like "The OC" but without the ocean, or the dramatic, suntanned and angsty teens with their dramatic, suntanned and angsty parents.) Okay, I suppose we have angsty teens in the midwest, too. Just not as tan.


Brian wrote and Brett designed this clever little visitor packet for them when they arrived. It covered a few highlights like our Bricktown entertainment district, the Oklahoma City Memorial, and fun areas like the Paseo Arts District.


The Snorts stayed at downtown's historic Skirvin Hilton Hotel. It's a beautiful hotel, I want to say art deco, but perhaps even predating that just a tad. Misty put together these goody-packed baskets for them at the hotel. The Snorts get into some serious discussions in these all day, drag out, knock out sessions they hold. They mean business, which means serious brain food, like goldfish, right? Of course right.


When the goldfish run out and dinner rolls around they are usually worn out on the ad-speak: "so do you prefer cocktail napkins or post-its for recording your a-ha moments?" or "do you consider agency intramural ping-pong competitions as billable time?"

Their last evening with us was on Cinco De Mayo, so we had to take them to our most popular Bricktown mexican restaurant, Chelinos.


Heres to margaritas, mariachis and making the most out of "The OKC." I know we like to think we make the most out of it at Third Degree.

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