Friday, August 13, 2010

Frying Us Some Eggs

Since it is a lovely 102 degrees today, we thought we'd truly embrace one of our Third Degree brand philosophies and serve it up hot...


... by seeing if we actually could fry an egg on the sidewalk.


Grade A

At 1:45 pm, we pushed back from our keyboards, proceeded single file down our back murder stairwell, and out into the afternoon sunshine (which in Bricktown seems even more sweltering, since we're surrounded by, well... bricks).


Cracked Up


Mmm. Yolky.

Kande (the instigator of the fried egg experiment) assured us that her sources indicate an egg will in fact fry on the sidewalk at 130 degrees (which the concrete apparently reaches when it's 100-plus degrees outside). We opted for a metal manhole cover for the first egg, figuring it was the most similar surface to a frying pan.


Like every good experiment you need other test subjects. So we also tried asphalt and tin foil.



Eggs-Eye Perspective


Taking Bets

As we stood there "egging" on our little embryos to fry, we realized we probably looked like we were shooting dice out in the alley.



We even attracted some Wichita passersby, who asked if they could take a picture with their camera phone. We're going viral, baby!


Time & Temperature

Then our client from ACOG, Jerry stopped by. He had very specific views about the proper variables for "basting" an egg, as he put it.


He shared his scientific opinions.


And even though we went as far as attempting scrambling...


... Jerry remained skeptical.


We may not have concluded this day with egg on our face, but we did come to the conclusion that while an egg won't actually cook after being out in the heat for 20 minutes... the Third Degree-ers definitely got fried.

Sidenote: as we stood under a nearby shade tree waiting for some sizzle, we actually held an impromptu brainstorm meeting about the upcoming Ghouls Gone Wild parade, and actually came up with a fantastic theme on the spot. So we've decided to hold all our future brainstorms in 102 degree heat (you know, like how Gweneth Paltrow and Madonna take yoga classes in rooms where the temperature has been raised for optimal fat-burning). It's going to be this whole new thing. But we will definitely need to invest in sunscreen... and perhaps an agency shower.

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