Wednesday, August 18, 2010

Get Out of The Box. Get Square.

I know "get outside the box" is about the most overused and un-outside-the-box statement you can make. But how could I resist? We literally hung a gigantic box above the two-story metro mall courtyard to promote, the clean air awareness campaign.


Okay, it's a square to be exact. And it has not crushed or killed any shoppers yet.


Suspended Square


Food Court Railing Clings

But it has gotten their attention.


In fact, over the seven-plus years Third Degree has worked with ACOG on the Get Square initiative, public recognition of clean air habits and willingness to change those habits (i.e. carpooling, gassing up at night) are up to 70% awareness. And while Oklahoma's federally mandated air quality regulations have become even more stringent as of late, our state continues to see improvement.


Uh... and hello? It's just a great and noble endeavor, which always gets us inspired to create great work.




Newly redesigned web site.

We've continued to evolve the look and feel over the years.


And the creative approach isn't the only way we've "mixed up" our delivery. We've always implemented non-traditional and grass roots outreach for Get Square – like the annual summer electric lawnmower giveaway. But most recently, we gave away kites. (That's what's in the bag.)


We were going to give them away July 4 weekend. That's us putting up banners for the outdoor event.



Fly That Kite, Jared! Fly It!

But severe storms and flash flooding meant a no-go for that day. What? Severe storms in Oklahoma? I don't believe it.


But all's well that ends well. We regrouped and planned for a giveaway on tax-free weekend, taking advantage of some major back-to-school crowds, plus a popular yearly Lego event taking place in... you guessed it... the mall!


We handed out reusable shopping bags as well as the kites under the shadow of our awesome square.


So I suppose you could say it all came full "square." You know, like full circle – but square. Heh. heh. Those square jokes never get old.

Thanks ACOG letting us go the extra mile. The extra mile with less fuel emissions. And we carpooled. Better yet, we walked there. Yeah... we walked there together.

Also check out our mall advertising for Planned Parenthood.

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