Thursday, August 6, 2009

Ten Things You Don't Know

It's been a very rainy morning in August and there's a subdued vibe around the agency today. So I've taken a cue from our resident lifestyle blogger, Kathleen, and gotten introspective. Prompted by a chain blog topic, she recently posted "ten things you don't know about me."

So here's Ten Things You Don't Know About Third Degree:


1. This is the hole in my window. It lets the outside in. I put Playdoh in it, but it fell out.


2. These are the scary back exit murder stairs we all leave the building from everyday.


3. We also spray mount all our mock ups in the stairwell. Notice the silver box? (We didn't figure out what that was until a few months ago. It's like a rat trap from the forties or something. So we quit trying to use it as a door stop, but curiously did not throw it out either.)


4. We grow umbrellas on rainy days.

Okay, this photo is gratutiously cheery with no real purpose. But it does help counteract the murder stairwell and rat trap photos.


5. These are also our cute new pillows that mimic the design software icons on our Macs.




6. There is a battle for ownership happening every day inside our agency fridge.


(Daniel is the number one enemy in that battle.)


7. Last month Kande turned on the space heater under Hallie's desk on one of the hottest days of the summer. And didn't tell her until three hours later.


8. So Hallie took everything off Kande's desk and hid it the next morning. That's a lot of chotchkies to hide.


9. Roy is always with us. Even when he is away.


10. And we still dress sharp. Even when it rains.


Anonymous said...

This has been one of my favorites! I'm a little worried now that you have let all the bad guys know our weak spots...

Jeremy and Kathleen said...

I think I was on vacation the day we discovered the door stop is a vintage rat-trap. Oops.

jasonkeisling said...

Geez, I leave for 3 days and the office has already become subdued? :)

Heritage Solutions said...

That stairwell scares me. Of course I had "friends" that hid a Chucky doll (you know Chucky that red-head freak toy doll) in a stairwell to scare me. I used to work with those people...NO MORE! ; )

(My word verification for this comment is likedism! Use it in a sentence? I likedism this post girl-friend!)

Chris said...

I like Roy's lunch the best.