Thursday, August 26, 2010

Bowling. (Or At Least Trying.)

This time last week we were prepping for our mid-year annual planning retreat. That means everyone at Third Degree records their out-of-office voice mails, tries to tie up as many loose ends as possible, puts their phones on vibrate and head off to a predetermined locale for a half-and-half sort of day. One half planning and thinking and stewing real hard. The second half playing hard.


Last year we did the 80's murder mystery. This year... less costumes. But still just as sweaty and embarrassing.


Okay, I know bowling isn't exactly sweat-inducing, but it was like 103 degrees that day. And this photo has nothing to do with that statement. Unless Daniel is trying to ventilate his Third Degree t-shirt here.


Perhaps I should rephrase. Embarrassing for some. "In-your-face-I-rock" for others. Case in point, Roy on the left with the highest individual score. Daniel on the right with the lowest.


Pam wins for most competitive. Leave it to our newly titled Director of Operations to get freaking serious.


Amanda, not so much serious. But wins for cutest in bowling shoes.


Holly's team wins most adorable overall. I mean... come on??!!! She was a ringer for that award. If you couldn't guess, Holly's the one on the far right. With the two bowling balls.

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