Friday, July 30, 2010

Meet Megan.

Meet Megan. We recently hired her as an account executive in our fancy new Raleigh-Durham office. She is one smart lady.

If you haven't noticed already, Third Degree is a pretty lady-centric company. And we're just as apt to talk about shoes in our morning huddles are we are to brag about our latest campaigns (ahem…).

So we knew Megan was going to fit in just fine when she started coming to work rocking these babies:

and these:

Shoes say a lot about a person, don't you think? Sometimes I like to imagine them fighting for my attention when I'm deciding what to wear in the mornings. Some pairs just don't get along.

But there's one pair of shoes Megan hasn't worn to work yet:

Though she does rock them from time to time outside of Third Degree. You see, when she's not serving it up to our east coast clients, Megan serves as a Major in the Army Reserves. That's right, Major Megan. Best nickname EVER?!

Not only has she valiantly served our great country by doing two tours of duty in the Middle East, she's also currently the Commander of a Psychological Operations Company (which is basically like integrated marketing supporting U.S. objectives in other countries, though with another cool nickname: PSYOP).

Megan's experience in the Reserves made her the right woman for the job at Third Degree. She's already brought a lot of insight and strategy to our new east coast ventures. She's fitting in great. Because like everyone else here, she'll be wearing lots of hats… and… wait for it… shoes.

Welcome, Megan!

Ah, I see she went with the strappy wedge sandals today:

(Yeah... I was trying to go for something conceptual here, like, a portrait of her many different identities as a modern, multi-faceted career woman. But the final product just looks like her shoes have gained zombie-like consciousness and are mindlessly attacking her feet. Not so successful. Though it kind of makes me want to re-watch The Birds. So. That's a plus.)

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Third Degree Creative said...

You guys, I actually had Liz do this post for me while I'm on vacation a few days. I wholeheartedly endorse this shoe-centric (but somehow still zombie-referential) post.