Monday, August 31, 2009

Good Things Come In Pairs

I usually don't post on Mondays, because everyone's sort of just trying to clear the residual weekend fog from their heads. But Friday afternoon Brian brought a happening to my attention that I just cannot wait to share.


A little set up: we're doing a friend referral promotion for Cosmetic Surgery Affiliates. It's for breast augmentation, and it's themed Good Things Come In Pairs. Fun, right?


So last week Brian is recording the radio spot for this campaign with Lucky Dog audio in Little Rock. It's about two best friends bantering back and forth about getting "their pairs" done. Turns out one of the lead voice talents (aka Woman #1), has another extracurricular activity that is just too much of a coincidence not to share.

"Cherries" ©

She paints with her breasts.

"BooBees" ©


"Breast Stroke" ©

Angel Tolentino of has been featured on The Today Show, E!, and Ripleys Believe It Or Not for this artistic endeavor. Actually, 100% of her profits from art sales go to breast cancer charities. So, then you think, ah... okay that's actually very clever, and it goes towards a good cause. Plus she obviously has a great sense of humor:

Q) What size are your paint brushes?
A) I was using 34As until our sons were born. Now I work with 34Bs!

Q) Your paintings are cute now, but what will you paint when you turn 65?
A) I'll probably do a whole theme on eggplants.

"Headlights" ©

So I'm guessing that your Monday haze has now lifted, thanks to a pair of too funny to resist fog lights.


Charles said...

Awesome post Tara! I uploaded the radio spot to the Lucky Dog blog in case anyone wants to give it a listen.:)

kj said...

Oh my gosh. I am crying....that's the funniest thing ever! I am off to buy a canvas and paint....we'll I might need 2 canvases!!! ; )

Jamie Welles said...

I love it!