Thursday, September 10, 2009

Key Lime Throwdown

Pardon my delay in covering the contest of the century. I'm still reeling from the sheer calorie intake.


The first annual Third Degree Key Lime Pie Throwdown caused quite a lot of office-place trash talk and facebook chatter last Friday as we kicked off our United Way agency pace setting donations for the year with some friendly (tranlsate: cut throat) competition.


Ever since Kriste first interviewed for our media buyer position three years ago, Roy hasn't been able to shake her claim to making a kick ass key lime pie, and has been baiting her ever since to test it against his southern-boy-at-heart pie making skills.

The Contenders

No southern gentility here. This was a no holds barred, bare-knuckled culinary brawl.

(I don't know what that means, I've just been watching a lot of Top Chef on TV lately.)

The Moderator

Jentry needs to work on her Don King hair, but she put a stop to the sparring and got down to the formalities.

The Ring

Looks like an even match at first glance. Everyone chose both a slice A and a slice B for an anonymous taste test.

The Choices

At closer inspection there are definite differences. Tequila sauce? Intriguing. Nuts in the crust? Interesting.

The Chowdown

This is where the conversation dipped and the calorie intake spiked tenfold, but it was for a good cause, right?

The Live Tally

Then the voting began. Jentry started tallying the score before our very eyes.

The Lead?

Could the lead be the southern style Nutty Crust (B) choice?

Nope. The Clear Winner.

Ah... the Tequila Sauced (A) choice won hands down.

The Outrage.

"How could this happen!? Kriste won!? Recount!?"

(Actually I voted for Kriste... her pie is freaking unbelievable, hence the calorie whiplash)

The Excuses.

And so Roy's backpedaling began. He put the Redi-Whip on too early. (Ahem... Kriste had home made fresh whip cream). He couldn't compete with the alcoholic ingredient! (Whatever.. this is Third Degree buster.)

But in the end he stood by his pie, and had the quote of the day:
"I like nuts in my crust!"

Followed by the second best quote of the day, exclaimed as he opened the fridge and realized his canned whip cream substitute had "melted" on his pie:
"Oh, my pie is F'd!"


Julie said...

So will Kriste share her Award Winning recipe with us pie-less folks?

Third Degree Creative said...

Good question Julie.
I don't think she will, though. She's kind of heartless that way. She gets us all hooked on her baked goodies at the office, but then cuts us off there.


Stephanie said...

Ohhhh...that is too bad she won't share. Key Lime pie is my favorite and I have never found a good recipe. I try and try, but it just doesn't happen!

Third Degree Creative said...

I know Stephanie, Kriste could work for the CIA I think when it comes to her recipes! Key Lime pie is my favorite, too.