Tuesday, August 25, 2009

80s Murder Mystery Party

So last Friday we had our internal Third Degree mid year planning meeting. We looked at where we've come, what the next six months might hold, and then we broke for lunch...


... and broke out the hairspray.


Because the afternoon team-building activity? A 1980's High School Reunion Murder Mystery party.


Meet the prom king and queen.


Note the matching corsage and boutineer. It's the little details which made Holly our media director the winner of the "Best Dressed" award, as Mallory Majesty the former prom queen.


Birds of a feather. The nosy school journalist and gossip columnist.


The class president and vice president. Now U.S. presidential and first lady hopefuls.


The band camp couple.


The math team captain and math team cheerleader. Check out his homemade paper calculator watch here.


The "real" cheer captain and her high school jock sweetheart.


And what 80's party would be complete without at least one punk rocker?


It was a cast John Hughes would be proud of.


With, of course, a custom Third Degree compilation soundtrack to match.


Want to see more party pics, visit our Flickr page.
Want to hold your own murder mystery party? Go to NightOfMystery.com.


jasonkeisling said...

That is awesome! Who was the murderer?

Third Degree Creative said...

Colonel Mustard in the Library with a Candlestick.

Actually it was Molly Ringworm (aka Liz) the class Drama Queen.

She apparently bludgeoned Hollywood director Steve Spielson (aka Steve Jones our animator extraordinaire), with her Oscar statue.

Julie said...

Where do we go to purchase the soundtrack? Are you on Itunes yet?

Heritage Solutions said...

This rocks!!!! Like totally rocks man. Makes me wanna get some bright colored socks and scrunch them down around my ankles....

Ginny Crandall said...

This looks like it was so much fun! I was born in the eighties, but I don't have any super solid memories of it...I was just a little too young, I guess. Oh well. Thanks for sharing the great pictures! What a great murder mystery party game!

Third Degree Creative said...

Thanks Ginny! Don't worry, the eighties is coming around again. You can live it this time!