Friday, May 22, 2009

Where Am I?

What happens when the creative director goes on vacation? She delegates, delegates, delegates, changes her out-of-office email reply, changes her voicemail, and... lets go.

At least for a week.


Maybe you're still not back in the office from Memorial Day weekend malaise and/or mayhem, but now that vacation season is here, the shared office calendar starts to get color-coded blocks of time that are a little bit longer than usual.

But, there's also lots of other reasons for being away from your desk. Some work-related, some not so much.


This desktop flip chart is a promotional item I got in the mail from the stock photography resource, Veer. It's specifically geared toward creative professionals, and a bunch of us kept it around here, so obviously it struck a chord. We have a very open office (no walls, no partial walls, no secrets). So it's sort of redundant to broadcast that you're away. But these are just too clever and quirky to resist putting on display.


Maybe you're at the dentist.

I'm ALWAYS at the dentist, thirty-three years old, two crowns, a ticking time bomb for a third, apparently I clench... my teeth that is.


At a long lunch.

We tend to brown bag it in our agency diner. But we have been know to step out once and a while.


Dealing with a high-maintenance kid. Or perhaps just a high-maintenance teacher.

That's a little bit of an exaggeration. I love my kid's teacher. However, she thinks Super Mario Bros. is too violent and not age-appropriate for my five year old to be discussing in class. Really? Super Mario? He like, jumps on mushrooms and turtles with wings. Maybe I shouldn't tell her his second favorite video game is Halo.


Some of them get a little more kooky.


A little more creepy.


And a little too close to reality for comfort.


But my favorite is the one I'm leaving up while I leave it all behind.

If you comment to this post, please don't get your feelings hurt if I don't reply. Like the first photo says, "I'm going off the grid" and leaving all modern technology behind. Except for my kid's Nintendo DS. Because Super Mario doesn't take vacations.

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