Tuesday, May 19, 2009

Every Credit Union Should Have a Simon


Simon is the guy who knows what's going on the inside – the staff side – of the credit union.


Simon isn't afraid to share. He's a enthusiastic giver of information, motivation (and self-proclamation.)


Simon has got your back. Even if you don't know it, or aren't quite sure you want it once he's literally standing in your cubicle.


Simon is the friendly face of people working and bonding together behind the scenes.

Amanda and I (pictured above and below) just got back from a two-day planning session with the always enthusiastic and welcoming marketing team at Delta Community Credit Union in Atlanta. I saw "the Simon head" up on the shelf, and asked one of their team members, Jeff Deck, who is always "Simon" and always a good sport, to get on the get-up and give us an impromptu photo shoot.


Did I mention Simon is friendly? We'll just assume this especially friendly moment is because it's really hard to judge appropriate personal space when you're wearing a giant foam head and have limited sight and depth perception. Right?


And, hey, cut the guy a break. He usually exists completely online. Simon is basically the portal for all employee communications on the Delta Community Credit Union intranet.


Simon lets employees know about upcoming credit union events and news, job opportunities, new employees and need-to-know stuff like processes and procedures. The intent is to create a friendly, consistent and current source of info for the internal staff – taking the idea of reliable, people-helping-people positioning that the credit union works so hard to continually reinforce externally to its members and community, and bring a little of that attention to one of its biggest group of advocates – its own employees.


Although the taped glasses and tie are always staple Simon character traits, Simon has a lot of looks for all the different types of information he shares.


Third Degree created the Simon character together with the Delta Community marketing team . We wanted Simon to be fun and a little offbeat (he was even a robot first for about two rounds of concepting). We wanted people to, well... pay attention to him. Almost everyone is guilty now and again of ignoring a breakroom flyer or a mass company-wide email. Our hope in creating Simon, was to create a memorable messenger.


And, if mischievous members of the Delta Community team, who are always up for a practical joke, ever start to really have some fun with Simon (this printout was mysteriously tacked up in marketing one morning, although Simon had already been returned damage free), it just goes to show he's truly become one of them.

Speaking of returns – can an organization like a credit union measure the R.O.I. on fostering happy, informed, all-on-the-same page employees?


Jeremy and Kathleen said...

Simon is way hotter than the Burger King king - in that nerdy-cool kind of way.

Jeffry Pilcher said...

This is great. It's probably the most branded intranet in the credit union industry. I love the clean design/interface.

Third Degree Creative said...

Thanks Jeffry. It's great when you can create something like a Simon for a credit union who really implements it well.

And Kathleen, one of Simon's (a.k.a. Jeff's) coworkers, said after your "hot" comment, that "all the publicity is giving Simon a big head."

Good one, right?