Tuesday, March 31, 2009

Congrats Beyond a Cookie Bouquet

So, have you ever sent a basket full of sugar cookie teddy bears with sticks up their bottoms to let someone know you're happy for them?  Guilty. But when Mary Olson, VP of marketing at Delta Community Credit Union, was awarded the Hall Of Fame recognition from the CUNA Marketing and Business Development Council earlier this month, we thought we'd send her something just a little less edible and a little more indelible.


On Mary's bio for this prestigious credit union marketing achievement it said her secret life ambition was to sing in a cabaret.  We think we know Mary pretty, well too, (I have  been known to geek out with her about our favorite Broadway musicals) so we had some fun creating this caricature of her.

"Here's to 30 years of belting it out for credit unions.  The night is young Mary.  And we think you can do just about anything you set your mind to.  So keep reaching for the stars – but know you are already a shining example to all those around you."


We actually started creating these neat little tributes when our executive vice president here at Third Degree, Mickie, was recognized as one of the Journal Record's Achievers 40 under 40.  We had to create an ad to congratulate her in their program, so we had some fun showing her on the go in some Jackie O meets Ann Taylor inspired plaid coat.  Oh so Mickie.

"She serves it up every day with an energy and passion that has clients coming back for more... and that's just before breakfast."


This is Amanda's, who received the same Achievers 40 under 40 recognition a few years later, and has her ad framed behind her desk.   Who else would have that sassy pose and that wild hair?

"Worked with Amanda Spencer? Then you've been served."

Mary called me from Delta Community yesterday having gotten her shelf-ready framed copy from us in the mail.  She was so excited about it, and said she is just going to treasure it.  So that's really cool!  Take that sugar cookie bears!  Although, granted, one of those little suckers could probably last on a shelf for years, but it would still probably be just as hard to bite into as the first day you got it.  Can you tell I have cookie bouquet issues?

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