Thursday, March 12, 2009

The Conference May Now Commence


We've arrived in San Diego, and it's Day Two of our trip to the CUNA Marketing and Business Development Conference for credit union marketers.


We set up our tradeshow exhibit. Exhibity!


We set out our Third Degree mint tins. Minty!


We said hi to our friends from Tinker Federal Credit Union!


And our friends from Delta Community Credit Union said hi to us! (And swiped some mints!)

Then we stuffed a few more pastries in our face and settled in for the keynote speaker who was an honest-to-god internet celebrity! See, I didn't need to buy an Us Weekly to feel in touch with the stars. We had Judson Laipply, the guy who does the evolution of dance on the number one watched You Tube video. He is actually a really great speaker, and spoke about how to cope with the things you can't control in life. His point-of-view is that life is change, so you might as well dance. Of course, he ended with a live performance of all his dance moves from the twist to the moonwalk to boy-band moves.

Now I'm motivated. Motivated to incorporate choreography into any future creative presentations. I think I'll stick with Paula Abdul's catalog. You know, if you took down the graphic panels, the framework of our tradeshow booth kind of looks like the backdrop to the Cold Hearted Snake video... hmmmm.

Speaking of videos, tomorrow we premiere our Fight On video (as seen on on the big screen, plus we find out which of our credit union clients won Diamond Awards for marketing excellence. So, I probably should refrain from breaking out the fishnets and the kneepads just yet, lest I overshadow any more respectable victories we might have. Sigh.

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