Thursday, July 22, 2010

Tara. Two Days. Durham.

Touchdown at Raleigh-Durham airport and am greeted by my escort with the shady shades...


... Liz. The adventure already seems full of danger and promise.


First step of the journey. Must cross a raging stream (okay, like a bubbling brook) to gain entrance to the highly anticipated North Carolina Third Degree office.


My guide leads the way unhindered.


I survey my surroundings. Red, orange and gold carpet squares, familiar, familiar... so I feel at home. But offices with walls?! I can't adapt! I must spread my crap... er, I mean... lay out the tools of my trade in the most open environment I can find, the glass-walled conference room.


My guide lets me know it's lunch time.


I'm hearing what she's laying down.



We decide to skip the smoke break.

The new office is located in Durham's American Tobacco District (hence the Lucky Strike water tower). Similar to our Bricktown home-base in Oklahoma City, it's a renovated industrial area from the turn of the century that now houses businesses, restaurants and crazy hot agencies like us, Third Degree.


And partake in what the locals call... toast. Strange, yet delicious.


All's well that ends well as the "shades" are drawn on this little adventure.


Kande said...

In the first shot Liz almost looks like she is leaning on the rails in front of the OKC office. Love it!

Third Degree Creative said...

There are lots of urban, warehousey, red-bricky, similarities between both our office environments.