Thursday, April 29, 2010

Getting The Hook Up

How do you find thousands of teens to interact with your brand, when you're a local provider of a product that is spread over countless rural towns?


Free photo booth + 10,000 FFA kids.


Yes, it's that time of year again, where if you want to grab a quick sandwich downtown, you better be ready to stand in line for at least an hour. It's the Future Farmers of America convention (the cool kids just say FFA), where those blue-jacketed, black-panted (or skirted) guys and gals descend upon the city from every Oklahoma town you can imagine. Just reading their jackets is like a lesson in Oklahoma geography...


But for Pioneer Cellular, they're a walking, talking, texting microcosm of their geo-targeted teen market.

Okay, I could get in trouble for the texting comment. Apparently those FFA kids are a disciplined bunch, strict dress code, strict behavior code. I think they may not be allowed to chew gum in their uniform, so texting's probably a no-no too.


The national cellular players are courting the young'uns like crazy, so Hook Me Up Pioneer is the teen focused "spin-off" brand we created, to get more young people to engage with the hometown provider.


Not even the frozen pickle pop booth drew such a gaggle of teens as the Hook Me Up photo booth. (Yes, frozen pickle juice in a tube is a real thing and the FFA kids go bananas... or should I say, pickles... for it.)


Black shoes, black hose, knee length skirt: FFA required. Cute pose: Third Degree recommended.


The props made it all the more fun. And the kids walked out with an instant touch point with the Hook Me Up brand...


... a full color photo strip that they could share for instant gratification, with a call-to-action to go online to download and share their pics digitally.


Of course I had to try it out.


Ah, to be young.


Kim and Donna, from Pioneer marketing, herded those teens like pros (including capturing their emails, reminding them to visit the Hook Me Up web site, and entering them to win Tim McGraw tickets).

Then they took a time out to test it out themselves. And when Kim and Donna are happy... we're happy. Pickle pops for everyone!!!

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