Thursday, April 15, 2010

Sound Booth Science

So I'm trying a new experiment with our Third Degree on-hold phone message. First, I pick one of our core values, in this case, friendly.


Second, I spring it on three of our friendliest Third Degree-ers (in this case Liz, Jentry and Roy) that I need them in the recording studio, like, tomorrow please. Because everyone just LOVES the sound of their own voice, right?


Then once they get in the sound booth they realize the script I gave them has a bunch of blanks. As in, they have to fill in the blanks themselves on the spot.


Then to top that off I start taking their picture, per usual. As if they weren't uncomfortable or sweaty enough in that little padded room...


... a sweaty padded room that they couldn't get out of fast enough. Then I ask our sound producer, Randy at RK-1, to help me put together something that is actually cohesive from the chaos that ensued in above-mentioned padded booth.


And that, folks, is his stunned silence.

Well perhaps the experiment was just a little too behind-the-scenes, but it sure just got some attention after being on our phone system for just two hours. So, alas, we've pulled it and switched to music... that is until I concoct another scheme (insert evil laugh here).

But if you want to hear it you can go to the HOLD ON strip on our website to take a listen (be sure to pause that pesky video first or you won't be able to hear it.)

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