Wednesday, January 13, 2010

Paint By Numbers

I'm in Atlanta visiting our friends at Delta Community Credit Union. Great restaurants, good company... plus, I got to see one of their new number-themed commercials we just finished up for them on my TV at the hotel this morning!


I never get to see their commercials "for real" because, well, duh, I live in Oklahoma City, and it never seems quite real until you see one of your spots during Project Runway or Top Chef, or in this case, the news. Which I only ever seem to watch when I'm in hotels or airports.


Me. In my PJs. Watching the news (just because there aren't any reality shows on TV at 6:00 in the morning).

Director: David Stepp / Animator: Steve Jones / Audio: Lucky Dog / Photography: Simon Hurst

These TV spots were all about Ten Reasons to Switch in 2010 to Delta Community. These spots turned out so cool. We wanted to bring these numbers to life to create a memorable and optimistic new membership campaign for Delta Community for the new year (a fuzzy number five dog, a number three sonogram)...

Plus, it was as about as close as I could get to living out my lifelong dream to work for Sesame Street or Jim Henson. I mean, our big orange fuzzy number five was definitely muppet-worthy.


This is Doug. He's the bad ass who constructed all these props for us back at his shop at Eaton Quade. He doesn't even flinch when we say, "can you make a giant number eight shrubbery for us?" Which is good, because then his cigar might fall out of the corner of his mouth. We think he should have a reality show about his shop, like American Chopper.


American Chopper with giant Fruit Loop colored numbers everywhere, that is!


Actually color was a big deal when planning for this shoot. Kathleen was the master mind of all things fuzzy, paint sample chippy, paper leafy, etc...


Tons of planning went in to creating the props and the perfect color palette, from deciding to paint the studio "Decisive Yellow" as was named on the swatch, to buying lots of coordinating wardrobe for all the talent. And, of course, Kathleen also stood in as the model for the test shots.


I know Delta Community is excited to kick off the new campaign.


And I was excited to take home the fuzzy five (just for one night) to show my number one five-year old.


jen said...

getting this peek into the process is a real treat. glad your bold and share! i really liked that last part about the five year old, too.

Third Degree Creative said...

Thanks Jen. I think it's always neat to see all the pieces come together behind the scenes. And, it's also good to not bring your work home (unless it's fuzzy and creates a good photo op.) Tara

Heritage Solutions said...

can we buy a big fuzzy H for the entry way at Heritage??? That would rock!

Love the post, but that's nothing new...I love all your posts!

Third Degree Creative said...

Thanks kj! I just heard you wanted to paint an entire wall orange at Heritage, so I'm not surprised the orange 5 appealed to you.