Friday, October 16, 2009

Lemons At The Boathouse

Yesterday we held Pioneer's annual planning meeting at the Chesapeake Boathouse.


It's actually a really great space to have meetings.


The OU rowing team was practicing right outside...

PioneerBrand the Third Degree and Pioneer teams got the meeting started on the inside. Presenting new creative platforms for 2010 was one of the big orders of business.


But first we took a moment to gawk at the rowers in awe and respect (which lasted for about five minutes, and then everyone started asking where the heck the coffee was).


We had a lemon theme for the day based on the basic marketing principals of a lemonade stand.


Jentry definitely had the right outfit for it. Always critical.


After tackling more serious stuff for the majority of the day, we spent the latter part doing... crafts.


Actually, the assignment was to make your own lemonade stand poster that reflected your accomplishments from the year, similar to Third Degree's heart project.


Roy, as always, found something inappropriate and hilarious to say. In this instance, having to do with putting that lemon somewhere. Hmmm.


But of course, his poster reflected his own ability to not take himself too seriously.


So, we'll hold off on sending him up the river (at least for this year).


Tempe said...

Great to hear that you had a good time at the Chesapeake Boathouse! Thanks for choosing the boathouse for your meeting location. Now it looks like Third Degree needs to enter a corporate 8+ in the next regatta :) :)

Thanks again, Tempe Knopp (employee of the OKC Boathouse Foundation and friend of Mickie's)

Third Degree Creative said...

Thanks Tempe! We had considered participating in the corporate rowing last year, but... ha, you know how that goes. Maybe this year we'll get hard core.