Thursday, October 8, 2009

Sick Day!

Actually, it was Don't Get Sick Day! Our across the street neighbor and client, ACOG, is always having some sort of small event to promote general health and well being (like a fitness demonstration a couple days ago.. man I wish I had brought my legwarmers that day!)


Still Shots

But today they had a clinic come in and give flu shots to their staff and neighboring companies. They invited anyone at Third Degree who wanted to trek across the rainy street, shell out a bit of cash, and get stuck with a needle to come and get ready for sick season.


Hallie Hysteria

Some people were naysayers. But Daniel was pro flu shot, quoting that if 85% of people got vaccinated then it would ultimately prevent the rest of the population from getting sick, too (he always has some sort of sociological statistic like that rattling in his head).


Mob Mentality

People quickly divided into camps.

(Except for Lynn who said he was getting his flu shot "later." Uh huh.)


But Daniel stuck to his guns, and... got stuck in his guns. Get it! Get it? (Or does that sound lewd and I don't know it. That happens to me a lot.)


Roy, our fearless leader put on a brave face.


We quickly learned there is no shame in getting half undressed in front of your coworkers. Our clients especially love it when we whip out the camera to include them in the fun (specifically when they are in their undershirts, and don't give me consent to post their photos online.)


Amanda realized that her top would require some more serious removal, so she discreetly retired behind a screen as to avoid any wardrobe malfunctions.


We harassed her anyway.

Did I mention that Third Degree has no in house HR person. There's a reason for that.

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lfab said...

Awesome post. I wish I had gotten a flu shot just so I could be in the pictures.

I'm pretty sure that if we had an HR person we would all be fired immediately. So it's a good thing we don't. Yayyyyy agency culture!