Wednesday, July 15, 2009

Third Degree: The Photo Shoot

Today we launch the new Third Degree website. Yay! Which means Third Degree can share our most recent work, case studies, thoughts, hopes, dreams, etc...


It also means since we took some new staff photos for the site at David McNeese studio, I can now finally show you all the embarrassing behind the scenes photos. Like this one. Classic.


Has anyone seen a creative (and a copywriter to boot) ever smile so big?


That's more like it.


I tend to get carried away.


This was my favorite shot of the day. Holly our media director looks just like a shampoo commercial. So ethereal, angelic. I call it Holly-Campaign-For-Beauty-Dot-Com.


I call this one, Holly WTF?


Our executive vice president Mickie, had to bring her little boy to the shoot. It was only a matter of time before that situation spiraled.


Speaking of spiraling situations, Roy, our CEO made an impromptu appearance at the studio. So, while Amanda doesn't have a child in her shot... well, you finish that sentence.


Of course, having Roy show up equaled instant hilarity. Or maybe that was just because of the wine he brought with him.


All in all, a memorable day.


As for selective memory, this is when I promised everyone I wouldn't share their embarrassing photos.


Kande said...

where's kande? can anyone figure out where I am in the last photo?

Jeremy and Kathleen said...

And where's Kathleen!? I know, I know. I change my look too much to afford a professional photo. Like Madonna. ;)

Julie said...

Rock on Roy!