Thursday, July 23, 2009

Un-Shy Alumni

It's no secret, we've got a bucket-full (or should I say a seed-sower's-sack full) of OU Alumni here at Third Degree. Recently OU sent a crew to come interview some of us here at the agency for a series of alumni videos they are featuring on their newly-designed website.


(A website which, ahem-ahem, we may have had a role in designing).


You can watch all the videos on YouTube if you go here.

Jentry particularly charmed the crew (she has some sort of girl-next-door hoodoo that no one is immune from), and she also had some friendly advice for students who might not want to limit themselves to one field of study too quickly, as Jentry herself got a degree in interior design, but has developed her career a kick-ass media buyer.


Mostly everyone doled out words of wisdom of one form or another...

but enough alma mater mumbo jumbo. Because seriously, there's a much more important topic at hand:

Which person's desk do you think looks the most hideously messy in their video?


Mine? (That's me, Tara.)


Amanda's? (Okay, her's doesn't look too bad, but I think she cleaned it at the last second.)


Or Brian's?

Obviously none of us majored in interior design.


Heritage Solutions said...

Love it!

I am SO making Julie bring me to lunch next time she meets with you guys! : )

Third Degree Creative said...

Great! Maybe it will be an excuse for me to clean my desk... nah.

Julie said...

How about Karyn, Yvonne and I take you to a belated B-Day lunch?

Third Degree Creative said...

You're on. Just tell me when!


Heritage Solutions said...

It was GREAT meeting you!!!

Third Degree Creative said...

You too Karyn!