Friday, July 10, 2009

Powerwash Equals Mural Makeover

Our client Pioneer, is headquartered in the smalltown hub of Kingfisher, Oklahoma. The town's main street strip still holds the charm of days-gone-by combined with all the signs of a thriving rural community. So when a recent powerwashing of Pioneer's mural resulted in a little more paint removal than dirt removal, on the one hand it could have just passed as well, retro... really retro...


...or the slight mishap could present itself as an opportunity for a fresh coat of paint and a refresh of the Pioneer brand look.


We had just put out a new annual report for Pioneer, a telecommunications company that's been serving western Okahoma for over 50 years.


So we decided to draw some inspiration from the annual report cover as we designed the new mural.


And presto chango! Our muralist did it in like two days. We didn't want it to look too new, so we designed it to look pre-distressed. You know, like when you buy jeans with the holes already in them.


We convinced the Pioneer marketing ladies to trek out to the mural with us for a photo op. It was 104 degrees outside and the bleached out concrete parking lot really reflected a lot of sun during this afternoon shot. I photo-adjusted this one, but it still looks like we're posing for a party pic on the surface of Mars.


I wasn't even allowed in the group picture because my beyond white skin was creating too much glare. Maybe I should take a cue from the brick wall behind me and get a new coat of paint... spray-on-tan style.


Mammy said...

I think you look beautiful! Besides you won't have wrinkles. I wish you had photoshopped 50 lbs off me! Love you guys.

Jamie Welles said...

I love the new wall!

Third Degree Creative said...

Thanks Marla and Jamie!

Allison Mahaffey said...

Nothin' like a bunch of hot women doing a little advertising on a summer afternoon.....

Third Degree Creative said...

Damn straight! We should do a carwash for our next Thursday status meeting!