Friday, June 12, 2009

Who Says Print Is Dead?

I walk into our agency "diner" the other day and there's Jentry our media buyer finding a creative use for newspaper.


She was decoupaging newspaper onto our exposed warehouse pipes (with, I should add, "The Office" Season 1 DVD blaring in the background.)


Papering the pipes was a design element she concepted as part of our diner remodel that we did ourselves. But she hadn't had a chance to complete it yet.


As a media buyer, it's Jentry's job to really be strategic about the mediums we take advantage of. Hmmm... is this a commentary on the state of newspaper as a media avenue?


Nope. It's just a creative way to make the most of what we've got.


Michael Scott approves.


julie said...

Way to go Jentry, if you would like a little color let me know I'll bring you somne press sheets

Third Degree Creative said...

Only if they still have that hot off the presses smell. Mmmmm.