Monday, December 1, 2008

It's a Food Thing

So We're Kind of Into Food

Thanksgiving is over, the leftovers are thinning out (okay, maybe "thin" is not the right description), and we're on to the next thirty-one days of bunt cakes and cookies and cheesy log-type-dip-type-concoctions.  But Third Degree doesn't really need an excuse to be into food. Heck, it's part of our brand:

A Fresh Hot Friendly Right
Fresh, Hot, Friendly, Right

That's how we serve it up.  So if you see a running theme in the design of our agency branding, no it's not that you're just hungry, it's that from coffee cups to fried eggs to green peas, we just like using food to show how much we care.  We're working with a therapist on it.

B Happy Plate
Happy Plate

We always have a lot of fun designing new culinary collaterals.  This is one of our leave-behind pieces we did for a national credit union conference.  It's one of those old-school segmented plates that keeps your mixed veggies from touching your mashed potatoes.  We used it to illustrate the importance of a balance marketing mix.

C Matter of Taste
It's a Matter of Taste

So sometimes our little obsession makes its way into work for our clients.  On the right is a gravy-inspired doorhanger Brian concepted for Henry's Chicken Fry.  He has it hung up behind his desk next to this oversized cardboard ornament that labels different cuts of reindeer meat. We didn't design the reindeer piece – but I wish we had!

D My Thing
My Thing

So my thing is I kind of really like fake food.  I have a bunch of plastic rolls and hamburgers and cupcakes and sushi and more at home (which I pretend belongs to my four-year old).  A little of it has found its way to my desk here at work.  This is a really cool foam fake slice of bread with a post-it note pad posing as a pat of butter.  I got it at a Krogers when I was on a TV shoot for Hastings in Amarillo.  I wish we had Krogers in OKC!  Because I also got a platter there that looks like a photographic pizza and a salad bowl that is printed on the inside with fake lettuce.

E Turning Japanese
Turning Japanese

Apparently the Japanese are really into fake food, too.  This is a little miniature of a waffle with a side of some sort of green gelatin-based soup.  See the cute little spoon and knife!  These come in little boxes and you don't know what you're going to get until you open it. 

F More Japanese
More Japanese

Oh, here's a little set of fast food that I forgot about hanging behind my desk, too.  I think these are erasers.

G I'm Not The Only One
I'm Not The Only One

This is art director, Kathleen's desk.  See!  She has fake sushi.  It winds up.  Even better!  I love this photo so much.  This is the profile picture on our Third Degree social media-focused Facebook page.  

H That's Not Right
That's Not Right

Okay, so this is NOT fake food, but it should be.  This was art director Daniel's lunch last Wednesday before the holiday break.   Cheetos smashed into a veggie patty Subway sandwich.  Actually, I'm just pretending it looks gross.  It actually looks delicious.  Hope you had a Happy Thanksgiving Daniel, and everyone else, too!!!

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Jeremy and Kathleen said...

It's interesting that Daniel left one tomato on top of the cheetos while the rest of the veggies are underneath. Wonderfully art directed to be perfectly imperfect.