Monday, November 24, 2008

Agency Sweet Agency



So if you were to visit Third Degree, this is the winding path your noisy little feet would take you. (Noisy because of our raised hardwood floors, which are cute but clacky.) If you were to work at Third Degree, your path might follow a more direct line to your own little micro-hub of activity, your desk (no less noisy, unless after working here for eleven years like me, you have only invested in stealthy rubber-soled shoes). Now if you were to call the Creative Department home, your trek would take you to the furthest corner of our renovated warehouse space, where the "creatives" dwell. More on that later.

Photo by David McNeese
Come and Knock On Our Door

So here's our entrance. That blurry guy? That's our CEO and Founder, Roy Page. He's usually not that blurry, but still really cool.

Photo by David McNeese

Serve It Up

Ooohhh. This photo makes our space look really snazzy. Thanks David Mcneese! This is our conference room, which is what you see right when you walk in the door. Those graphics on the glass illustrate our diner-themed Fresh, Hot, Friendly and Right brand promise.

Photo by David McNeese


We like our logo. This logo is gallery-framed and mounted on one of the walls of our red room. It's just a square room in the very center of our space that hides all our non-glamourous stuff like copy paper and computer servers, but since you only get a peek of it from different angles of the office, you would never guess... except that I just told you.

Photo by David McNeese

War Room

Probably not what General Patton had in mind. But this little triangle-shaped space is where we sometimes meet to brainstorm. It's very peaceful in there, so it's kind of become more of a one-on-one meeting space to get our heads together. Maybe we should change its name to the Peace Room. But that's probably too hippie-ish for our CEO, Roy's taste.

Photo by David McNeese

The Creative Department

So the Creative Department doesn't really look any more creative than the rest of the agency. That's mostly because a.) all departments at Third Degree are really creative, and b.) everyone is pretending to be statues in this photo. If you notice... no walls, which can be inspiring and annoying. It's an interesting mix. And see that expanse of noisy hardwood like I mentioned before? We've got the cadence of each Account Service team member's unique walk coming around the corner memorized by ear.

Photo by David McNeese

Nice Headphones

This is Kathleen, an Art Director. Like a lot of us she uses headphones to help focus on the task at hand in what can be a cross stream of out-loud communications (i.e., shouting, laughing, stage whispering, cursing, crying, questioning, reveling). Her headphones are almost as big as mine (not pictured here, but impressive all the same).


Welcome Sign

All in all we like walking in the door every day. There's always something new brewing here, and that's what I intend to share with you if you'd like to walk in these floors with me (but may I suggest... rubber-soled shoes?)


Chris said...

Oh, good 'ole 3rd Degree. I miss Mickie's briskly paced walk on the fancy floors.

Jeremy and Kathleen said...

I can't wait for the next one!
-Kathleen (with the head phones)