Thursday, February 3, 2011

The "Snow" Must Go On!

Just because almost half the country is covered in a big ol' blanket of snow and ice, doesn't mean we don't all have to eventually dig ourselves out of our driveways and make our way back to the nine-to-five.


For Third Degree-ers navigating snow drifted streets and icy intersections is pretty much a universally tricky but all-in-all doable feat. And our careful trek from the parking lot to the safety and warmth of our office is probably just like yours (translation: perhaps one out of five of us fall on our posteriors before making it to our front door).



Our attempts at making snowballs, perhaps a little on the pathetic side. And our outerwear apparel, er, well, let's just say orange knit U-Haul hats are probably a bit on the unique side.



But once we get inside staying as "hot" as our brand, is a little bit more of a challenge. That, my friends, is our state-of-the-art heating and air system. It has an on and off switch. But the "on" setting is debatable. When your agency is housed in a turn-of-the-century warehouse (which is cool to be sure) certain additional provisions must be made.


Fingerless gloves... a must for typing, designing, copywriting and not losing your digits to frostbite.


Hot drinks... in Daniel's case fancy tea in a fancy, fancy tea cup.


In Holly's case... a cup of joe in styrofoam. Note the scarf and puffy vest are an all-day indoor fashion statement. At least they match.


Having a space heater that close to your face just cannot be a good thing.


But, portable heaters are a staple under every desk. Some of us keep our rugged footwear on all day.


Some bring a change of shoes. Not forsaking fashion for function.


And some will just forsake all professionalism at this point for warm tootsies. (Even while they are drinking fancy, fancy tea out of a fancy tea cup... not to give away the anonymity of this socked creative).

Hey, it's just all in the spirit of serving it up hot. Or at least not frozen for today.


: : hallie : : said...

Just be careful not to leave that space heater on in the middle of summer! Gets a little warm.

Third Degree Creative said...

The best Third Degree practical joke ever. Ever.