Friday, May 21, 2010

Hot Lunch

We decided to do a festive Friday lunch today. So we hiked over to The Wedge in our neighboring hood, Deep Deuce.


The flames are appropriate, because it was freakin' hot.


But we wanted to sit outside and soak up some sun (as well as some camaraderie) considering that just a few days ago the weather looked like this:




However the sun did get a bit intense.


It was then that we noticed Daniel's self made sun-beating-down-on-your-neck deflecting napkin accessory.


But our ridicule quickly turned into mimicry. That's Andrew at the end. Our newest art director (another pale-skin redhead... so you know he doesn't want to burn).


This is the moment he realizes what he's in for at Third Degree. Case in point, see our fearless leader Roy down there at the head of the table... his napkin styling choice... on his head.

Happy hot Friday!


Daniel Solis said...

I am a trendsetter.

Third Degree Creative said...

Yes Daniel, in fact I'm going to start wearing a white cape to all my presentations from now on.

Third said...

I just went online and bought a white cape. Phew! Thanks Daniel, that was a close one!