Wednesday, February 3, 2010

What Says "Longevity" Like Balloons?

If you get to work early at Third Degree, most likely you will not be the first person here, because Liz will beat you nine times out of ten.


So to surprise her this morning with balloons we had to sneak them in the night before.


It's a new thing we're doing this year to celebrate the anniversaries of our team mates' start dates at Third Degree.


You will also find at your desk that day a little booklet that's all about you.


We all contribute entries about how that person "serves it up."


Plus you also get a nifty handmade nameplate for your desk that says how many years you've been serving it up, with a favorite quote pulled from the book.


Actually it's Roy, our CEO's, anniversary today, too. I don't know if that counts because he actually started the company on his start date. But, heck, that probably deserves a lot more than balloons.


Or at least balloons that don't look like they say he's been "serving it up for 75 years!" Nice handwriting Jared. Geez. But, Jared is sort of the sole member of the anniversary committee, so I shouldn't give him too much grief.

Also, I'd like to point out that Roy is not weirdly sitting on the floor behind his desk in a tux. That's a cardboard cutout we made him a while back. But, when you're apparently 75 years old, you tend to revel in the glory of those pictures (or lifesize standees) of younger days. So we shouldn't give him too much grief either.


Third Degree Creative said...

Correction, Jared is not technically the SOLE member of the anniversary committee (sounds like something on The Office, doesn't it?) I know there are other little elves at work behind the scenes for sure. But, I had to throw Jared a bone because I was outing him for what Kathleen calls his "cramped boy-writing."

Kande said...

Okay, so I take credit for the 15 looking like a 75. I'll blame something else on the new guy later.

Hallie said...

Major Congrats go out to Liz and Roy! Wish I could have been there to help celebrate....and have a drink with both of you. : )

KoreyMcMahon said...

Congrats Liz and Roy. I hope to meet you both upon my arrival in just 3 weeks.