Friday, December 18, 2009

Hats & High Tea

Over the holidays Third Degree and some of our clients descended upon the decadent and historic downtown OKC Skirvin Hilton Hotel for their Holiday High Tea, which is like right around the block from our agency (okay like four or five blocks, whatever).


We've been promoting their holiday happenings like Breakfast With Santa and the High Tea with direct mail and radio liners on Magic 104, which has a huge ratings boost in December because it plays all Christmas music all the time. I think they especially play Michael Bolton renditions of Christmas songs because I hear those a lot. Not judging. Just saying.


How Many Hats Can You Fit in an Elevator?

So, the neatest part of the tea? Serious. Giant. Fabulous. Hats.


Can't fit all the hats in the elevator? Take the gorgeous marble staircase.


Our clients were good sports considering we totally sprung this hat thing on them once they got there.


Brett, one of our few guy guests, was a good sport, as always. He even spoke in a British accent for us. We commenced with an impromptu tea game: name your favorite British person and/or fictional character (leave it to me to make people wear hats and play a game). Answers included Mary Poppins, James Bond, Sherlock Holmes and, of course, Jude Law.


Mickie's tea was a little stronger than the rest of ours. She may have snuck in a flask, but will deny it if you ask her. She will probably also stop talking to me after seeing I post this pic.


Overall our tea etiquette was a little rusty. We kept spilling stuff. And we sort of devoured all the cute little scones and finger sandwiches. But you can't tell from these very proper pictures.


Very proper, right?


Pinkies up ladies!


This is before Mickie started "drinking."


This was either right before or right after I knocked over a vase of flowers in the lobby. Yep. Did I mention the Skirvin Hotel is a client of ours. You just can't take us anywhere.


Will we do high tea next year? Most definitely. But we'll have to up the stakes. I'm thinking white gloves required next time.

Haven't had your fill of high tea pictures? Of course not! See more here.

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