Monday, December 7, 2009

Fire In The Breakroom

We have a lot of stuff tacked on the bulletin boards in our agency diner. So it might take a double-take to notice our latest pinup.


The 2010 Oklahoma City Firefighters calendar.


Simon Hurst who did the photography asked us at Third Degree to help design the actual calendar. The proceeds go for a good cause, Shout OKC, which helps young women cancer survivors.


When the calendar was still in production (i.e., deciding who would be December, is March's pants perhaps inappropriately low, etc.), the calendar made a News9 story because of it's mission to support cancer survivors.


Of the fifteen or so women working at Third Degree, I thought it was ironic that we relied on our all-guy art director Brett to do the calendar layout justice (with the help of our intern at the time, Jason, who had no idea what he was getting into). And although the photo featured above is a closeup of one of the clever fire-related quotes, probably 80% of the time Brett was working on this project his computer screen was zoomed in on sweaty abs, bulging tattoos, and squinty-staring-into-the-sunset hazel eyes of heroes with names like Bart, Jesse and Gabe.


But this parting shot, is for Joey. So if you're grabbing a cup of coffee at your next agency visit, or heating up one of the forty-two Lean Cuisines we have in the freezer over lunch, you can take a moment and learn that Joey is six feet tall, loves helping people in their greatest time of need, and enjoys extreme sports.


Hallie said...

Oh how I love those firefighters. Perfect, just after I leave and the hot shirtless calendars show up!

Third Degree Creative said...

Maybe we'll have a fire from one of the 24 space heaters we have on under all our desks in our drafty warehouse agency space. We'll try to plan that for the next time you visit, Hallie.

True said...

I was really impressed for those firefighters they are amazing and heroes in times of emergency like calling 911 too. True Tech Heating Services OKC

Heritage Solutions said...

I'd throw money in his boot!
Nice, nice work. I think I would like to have a copy of my own just to admire your design...