Friday, February 3, 2012

Media Buyer by Day. Office Designer by Default.

Everyone knows those people who work hard to develop a knowledge base and craft in college only to move on to start a career in an industry unrelated to their degree. That’s me. With a Bachelor of Interior Design from the University of Oklahoma, (and countless all-nighters in the College of Architecture studios) I’m now working on 8 years at Third Degree. As a Media Buyer, my Excel spreadsheets are not only strategic and thoughtful, but let’s be honest…color coordinated.

Did I mention it also qualifies me to judge coloring contests?

Coloring Contest

I interviewed for a temporary position as the Receptionist to pay the bills after college. Having spent a couple weeks in a hot warehouse, checking the caps on tubes of “Femoré” (I’ll leave that product description in the hands of Google), I was ready for a job in a climate controlled office. Little did I know most of the summer, shorts were considered “office chic” in the old Mercantile building.

Shorts and Legs

After falling in love with these guys…

Group Photo

and these characters…


And learning that Media at Third Degree was not just about numbers and spreadsheets (no matter how colorful) and was more about finding targeted, creative and impactful ways to get our clients’ messages out…I stuck around…for awhile.

Get Square

I was later asked to co-design our Diner/Breakroom/Conference Room with coworker Kathleen Shannon. We rented a cargo van, shared scandalous stories with each other (her more so than me) and crossed the Red River to IKEA.

Diner Picture

Now, with the help of Creatives, Adam and Brett, I’m calling that the Trial Run before the new task at hand.

Floorplan Picture

A whole new office space: demolition, construction, codes, timelines…may I suggest a little wine? And one excited Media Buyer.

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