Monday, August 22, 2011

They grow up so fast.

While everyone else goes back to school, we do things a little different here at Third Degree. Get your cap and gown, it's time for graduation!

(Clockwise from top left: Brett Grimes, Adam Lenaire, Daniel Solis and Liz Fabry.)

Brett Grimes (on the team 5 years) always brings his top game to design and art direction. That's why he's being promoted to Senior Art Director. Epic win!

Liz Fabry (4 years) pioneers our creative team in Raleigh-Durham. For the past year, she's grown as a writer, concepter, and grown our RDU team's profile. So, she's being promoted to Senior Art Director, too!

Congrats Liz and Brett! Two cities, two senior art directors. We're keeping it hot with double the creative firepower.

Oh! More good news! Daniel Solis (7 years) is now associate creative director. He'll keep the engines burning with social branding and innovative strategy. You'll hear more from the whole creative team here on the blog.

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