Thursday, November 18, 2010

We Creatived. We Forumed.

Today wraps up the last day of the Creative World Forum 2010, which was held in Oklahoma City this year, and within walking distance of Third Degree.


This map was helpful, I almost made the wrong turn at the end of our street. Whew! I could have ended up in Catalonia.


And actually, helpful, was my first impression of the conference. As I was greeted at about every three feet by a friendly, smiley, shiny, happy, young student ready to help us creativity-seekers find our way. They were everywhere. And so were these...


These amazing, weird, cool balloon sculptures by artist Jason Hackenwerth. They were part of a "Branching Out" theme woven through the conference.


You can even get inside them. That is if you don't have a phobia of a.) small confined spaces b.) insect-like appendages or possibly even c.) cow udders. I thought these things were the bee's knees. Or should I say, the bee's fuzzy appendages.

The balloon sculptures were just a hint of how well produced the opening ceremonies would be (full orchestra, theatrics galore, and some stirring Native American performances) and what fantastic speakers would start the show.


Like the Toms Shoes founder and "chief shoe giver" Brandon Myoskie. And this guy, Blake Logan, an Oklahoman born boy, who just happens to be the president of Oprah! I mean Harpo! (Same thing. No, literally, same thing, just spelled backwards.)


From Daniel Pink, author of A Whole New Mind (Roy loves this guy, FYI), to David Pogue who helps all us dummies, to Sir Ken Robinson who is a world speaker and thinker on finding your creativity and passion and how the education system doesn't help you do either, but should. Plus, he could have spoken all day in his lovely accent, with his dashing cane, and his salt-and-pepper hair and suave glasses... oops, I digress.


Other people could digress as well. In between sessions this labyrinth was among many interesting and entertaining diversions. I think there was a Thriller flash mob even at some point. I missed that one.


The Wishing Well, water for the world project was a big presence as the conference. Over a hundred students walked barefoot carrying jugs of dirty water across downtown and right up onto the arena stage. Then a gospel choir sang We Are The World.

It sounds hokey. It seemed hokey, honestly, when it was happening.

But tell that to the business man sitting next to me who was trying not to notice as I was trying to pretend I wasn't wiping the tears off my neck (you know it's bad when they have run past your face, but then you can usually just use your collar at that point).


I decided to send Daniel in my place the second day (with my pass). I know, shady behavior.

But I thought he could use a good inspirational cry. But the robot dude just got all uber-geeky-nerdy inspired by these bad-ass "agents of the future" speakers Pranav Mistry and Andrew Zolli as they debated whether people should have moments of disconnection from the flow of technology or if they should be constantly immersed. And that's my dumbed-down version of how he excitedly described it to me. I think most of the audience probably tuned out as those two guys started their super-cerebral debate. Daniel ate it up.

In fact, he had to wipe the drool off his neck. You know it's bad when it's gotten down past your face.

I recommend using the collar.

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