Tuesday, April 5, 2011

Buck The Norm Video Contest

Well, today is the last day of voting for TFCU's Buck The Norm video contest. The prize is a $2,000 scholarship and a MacBook for the entrant whose video gets the most votes. It's amazing every year to see what people come up with in these homemade videos. They can range from the cute, to the bizarre, but are always fun to watch.

This year the video theme was a $10 Day Challenge, asking them to make a video about how they would spend a day with only $10 in their pocket. The rest is up to them...

and their socks...

their pbj-making skills...

and the friends they can get to hang out as extras in chick suits.

While it's hard to let go of creative control, we at least like to steer entrants in the right direction. As part of the contest promotion on the Buck The Norm site, we show a How To Video to tell them about the video theme, rules, and tips for making a buckin' great video.



We also require they use some of our downloadable "props."


But making the video is only half the journey to the prize. We want our entrants to get lots and lots of votes, because TFCU doesn't choose the winners, we don't choose the winners... their friends, family and, well, strangers do. So we also give them digital tools for getting the word out and getting people to click on their video!


Did I mention today's the last day to vote? Hey, I'm just spreading the word, man.


jasonkeisling said...

The PB&J video was well-done! Great campain too.

Third Degree Creative said...

That one is an agency favorite, for sure.